Water-based inks without solvents, whitened paper with no chlorine certified to FSC standards applicable to the Paper Industry

AK Packaging & GPS Manufacturing show strong commitments to preserving the Environment.

The majority of our European sub-contractors and partners are certified to FSC standards. FSC guidelines are written around sustainability of our forests. The FSC label guarantees that our paper bags are manufactured with a strong environmental ethic in mind, that we do our share to preserve our Environment.

By adhering to these standards, our goal is twofold: we work toward sustaining our business of paper bags over time, and we maximize our work efficiencies. In this line of strong work ethic, we dedicate our attention to selecting the less natural resource-intensive materials and opt for recyclable and bio-degradable materials when available.

By doing so, we are therefore able to warrant our commitment to preserving the Environment.
Consumables used in the manufacturing and printing process such as ink, glue, etc. are replaced by alternative solutions such as water-based inks (no solvent required) and vegetal-based glues. Furthermore, our presses are selected according to their energy-saving capabilities as well as their exceptional efficiencies.

We guaranty that our paper bags are made of environmentally-safe materials.

Wastage : waste materials are collected and recycled.
Inks : excess and wastage of ink are collected and sent back to the manufacturer for recycling.

Renewable energy made printed bags :

Such products are manufactured from vegetal-based materials that have the capacity to grow just as fast as they are consumed. Those materials can be found in different types of woods, fibres, etc. The FSC label guarantees just that.

Our ecological line of products :

We are proud to offer the largest selection of recycled and/or bio-degradable paper printed bags on a wide variety of supports such as white and brown recycled Kraft papers, white and brown special texture papers, "Ecokraft" paper series, to name a few.

See our entire selection of ecology-bags

Support our environmental campaign :

  • By selecting recycled and/or bio-degradable papers from our selection
  • By requiring FSC labeled packaging in your procurement process
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